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Hosted by Doctor Usman Sajjad, Consultant GP and Sports Doctor

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Welcome to The Doctor Uz Podcast

A new podcast brought to you by your host Dr Usman Sajjad.I am a GP with a special interest in sports and exercise medicine having worked as a doctor in boxing, rugby and football.I plan to bring you a minimum of 2 episodes a week as I discuss topics related to sports, health, medicine and everyday life. I’ll be joined by notable guests such as athletes, celebs and medical colleagues to talk about their lives, everyday issues and medical problems I see as a doctor everyday.

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Discover More Episodes
Discover More Episodes

JOSEPH PARKER talks Fury/Joshua, Whyte and more Episode #48

27 September, 2020 / Boxing, Career

Also Available On Spotify & Apple Podcasts

DEION CAMPBELL – How I survived 12 days in a coma due to Covid-19 | Episode #50

08 October, 2020 / Health, Covid-19, True Story

Also Available On Spotify & Apple Podcasts

GREG KADING – Did P.Diddy pay for the murder of 2Pac? | Episode #31

16 July, 2020 / Crime, Hip Hop

Also Available On Spotify & Apple Podcasts

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